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It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

Below is the first assignment in Writing class in this semester.

When I was home alone studying, suddenly, the power went out. So I started to get up from my desk to look for a candle. The next moment, I heard a long loud knock at my bedroom, window. While I was hearing the knock, my heart started to pound. I stared at the window for an eternity. Then, I tried to search about what’s going on outside. So, I took a flashlight, put on shoes, and then I shouted by the door. After I shouted, I heard some sounds from the kitchen. Therefore, I went out from my room and to the kitchen. There was my father. He had just come back from his work and then tried to see if I was OK by knocking on my door. He was so surprised when I shouted loudly. He was stunned for a while because of the shock. Indeed, it was a dark and stormy night for us.
by pepo629 | 2004-11-30 14:06 | Short Story

Weekend for children

Hi how was your day?
Today I hang out with two Canadian friends from noon to night.
It was a great time for me to talk about something in English.
During I was waiting one guy friend, I had a chance to see over 10 members were playing football(not soccer) on the grass.

Not only boys but also there are some girls to play with.
By chance I could see they finished the game and they left by car.
I was so surprised that scenery, because they drive such a good car (proverbly their parent's car)!!!! Well, in Canada they can get a driver licence from 16 years old. So even they looks young, they can have chance to drive.

Oh, when I went previouos school in Vancouver, our class talked about the age when people get a driver licence.
In our class, there are Taiwanese, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Iranian and so on. The topic looks so bored, but our arguments were very interesting that I had ever thought.

Well, I will go two parties next weekend!!!

I still can not believe that I will go back to Japan, however, this is not dream or any magic for me anymore. I had a good memories and I think I got some confidences that I can do by myself.
My perposes are all dream come true. No more hopes, I think it is enough now.
by pepo629 | 2004-11-29 15:14 | Canada Report

It is funny?

Have you heard monkey tail tree ??The site showed you the tree.

When I did volunteer in this summer, children who took art class near my house told me.That name is from shape of branch which seems monkey tail!!!
Is that funny?
by pepo629 | 2004-11-26 09:56 | Canada Report

Thanks Miwa!

Hi, Miwa
Thanks for supporting everything in my Canadian life for two years!
I guess today is the last time to see you in Canada. By chance I saw your message in your blog, then I ran to the International office at my college. I am so happy to see you again.

Well, you are a tough woman who has never met in my life. You and I are member of "Mi no wa" (every members has "mi" in their names.) aren't we?
Everrytime we met, we can not stop talking about our opinions.
Vancouver Japanese newspaper "Oops"article
Unbelievably, I will go back to Japan with poor score of TOEIC, but I must not forget about you and you did for me.
It is very hard to find right words to you because there are too much.

Words above could never thank you for what you've done!!
"Miwa, you did a good job!"

I realized that "Love is give and give then sometimes take" from you.

Take care of yourself, sometimes you should take a rest, and
take it easy!!!!

I might miss you!

*Ten years ago, Miwa came to Canada to study English same as me then she got enough skills to be a student in SFU. *one of the famous universities in BC* Right now she has own office to support many students who want to be English speaker as she does.
Many students want to be like Miwa, because she can speak English,
got married a handsome Canadian and she seems an angel when they have many trobles.
by pepo629 | 2004-11-25 11:34 | Persons

あなたは覚えていますか。 あなたが初めて空の写真を見せてくれたとき、私の目から涙が止まらなくなって、気がついたら初めてのキスをしていたこと。








by pepo629 | 2004-11-25 08:05 | Short Story

Japanese should learn Japanese?!

I read the article. Whatever you speak or use langrage, it is very very hard to find good words in every situation. Right now, as you know I have been studying in Canada to learn English. However, when I read below article(Yahoo news) about Japanese seems to forget their own language, I would like to warn Japanese about learning Japanese.
Actually, even though English is not my first language, I always care about using right words in the situation when I talk to my friends.
Because sometimes difference of cultures and thinking makes us misunderstand each other conversation.

one example
by pepo629 | 2004-11-24 11:25 | Column

Oh Japanese forgot Japanese?

Yahoo news
I am so shocked the news. Hey, college students in Japan, you forgot your native Japanese????????

I believe that Japanese is one of the most beautiful language in the world. Study native language than other one!!!
by pepo629 | 2004-11-24 10:53 | Column


Do you know the song by Tulip( group name), "さよなら道化者"?
Tulip is the artist name that is very popular in 1970's. One of the members name is Kazuo Zaitsu. His merody is my favorite.
Actually, my character is same as trackback's owner's opinion.
My past classmates in schooldays were laughing at me all the time. Even though I am not happy with that situation, sometimes I have to laugh at with them.

I heard that my friend's two gold fishes dead last Friday.
b0005238_14231734.jpgThe reason why these fishes died was bad quality of water. I am so sorry about hearing the news. Also, my mother who lives in Kyoto had a trouble with a dog. The dog bit her right hand. After that happen, she lost her mind *little comma because of shocked*. My father sent me email that said he took her to a hospital.

Oh, I remembered that my dog's name Pepo means "clown" in Dutch. My younger sister told me when she went to there to study for one month.
Making laugh is very difficult, I think. I miss Yoshimoto *comedy company in Osaka Japan

Anyway, recentry, are you laugh at something happy?
by pepo629 | 2004-11-23 12:32 | Column

Sumimasen and Gomen nasai

Today I chatting by using MSN messanger with my Canadian friend. Then he asked me "Sumimasen" mean. The explanation makes me confuse. If you were   asked the question by someone, how do you answer?

"Excuse me" or "Perdon me?" is the translation for "sumimasen".
But I guess sounds different for me.

I can tell you understanding this word mean is also understanding Japanese culture.

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by pepo629 | 2004-11-22 08:39


How much do you know about history of Origami?
Origami is one of Japanese cultures. It is very simple and fun but there are some backgrounds.

Well, if you have chance to teach about Origami for foreigners, or your friend who came from other country, you recoginize that Japan has a lot of cultures about which you have never thought.

Today I woke up at noon, and after blunch, I make many origami cranes.

Japan has a wonderful culture!!! Don't you think so?

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by pepo629 | 2004-11-22 08:10